About Us

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Our Approach

Global Scope is the premier independent Education Network of Universities, Students, and Educational Advisors/Agents and help for studying in the Europe, UK and United States.


Since opening in 2016 our core business has been providing expert, concrete options and plans for everyone wishing to study in the Abroad. Our clients span the age spectrum, and come from a wide variety of personal and academic backgrounds. At Global Scope, our personal, customized advice begins with the client, whose wishes and goals are the starting line for our work.

Our motto is: Make your study dreams come true!

With thousands of programs and majors offered at schools in all over Europe, UK and USA, studying in the west is a more attainable goal than many Asians imagine it to be.

Our key characteristics:


  • We work on behalf of our clients. Our clients’ goals are our goals. Global Scope is independent of any European government program or policy and independent from European education institutions.
  • We provide unbiased information about the most appropriate school selection and financial aid opportunities that provide the best match to our client’s needs.
  • We offer customized services to fit each of our clients individually. We also provide support and guidance throughout the entire pathway from when you make the decision to study Abroad, to when you arrive at your campus in the abroad. We assist our clients in any and all of the following steps: school and course selection, financial aid, visa and immigration issues, the application process (including supporting our clients in IELTS and TOEFL tests), accommodation and anything else in between.
  • We go the extra mile – we can and have arranged for our clients to enroll at any time throughout the year, including last-minute enrollments.
  • We have built, and continue to build, relationships with admissions officers and coaches from a broad range of European, UK and US schools/Colleges/ Universities.


In short, we are committed to our clients.

We do everything in our clients’ interest, and we do it well.

Next Steps...

Would you like to find out more about studying with us? We invite you to make an appointment with us to start the process of making your abroad study dreams come true.

Or contact us on:+91 9048551213 (business days between 10 am and 6 pm) and email: admissions@globalscope.in